Get focused, no-nonsense advice from the leading expert in online memberships

Book a “power hour” with mike morrison to cut through the waffle and get right to the heart of solving your biggest membership challenges

One hour with Mike Morrison is all it takes to make significant breakthroughs in your membership…

Coaching, training programs and wading through endless articles and YouTube videos will only get you so far.

Often what you really need to push your membership to the next level is the undivided attention of someone who knows the industry inside out and has a proven track record of getting real results.

A full, focused hour where years of experience growing 7-8 figure memberships is channelled entirely into you and your business, and the strategic brain of the leading membership expert is yours for the picking.

Imagine how much clarity, traction and strategic insight you’ll unlock in just one hour.

You can stay stuck in a rut and try to push through…

Or you get a HUGE helping hand from a trusted expert in the field

The question is….
Do you really want to be going around in circles for the foreseeable future?

Imagine If:

  • You knew EXACTLY what you needed to do to grow your membership
  • You had the time and freedom to focus on your membership instead of feeling stuck in a rut working in the trenches
  • You could reach your goals 10x faster without the exhaustion, confusion, and headaches
  • You saved yourself months of time and thousands of dollars on trial and error

You know you don’t need another self-paced course that’s going to take you a long time to learn and implement.
What you really need is the direct input of an expert and advice that addresses the unique needs of your membership…

Direct support from the expert behind multiple 6, 7, and 8 figure memberships

Hi, I’m Mike Morrison, founder of Membership Geeks! With over 20 years experience in online marketing and web development, I’ve been the driving force behind a multitude of 6, 7, and 8 figure memberships. 

Since 2015, I’ve been running our own membership site, Membership Academy, where we’ve helped over 7000 people to plan, launch, and grow their online memberships. We eat, sleep, and breathe the online membership space and love nothing more than spending our days supporting our members and helping them to skyrocket their success.

Book a “Power Hour” consult call

For an investment of $395, you can book a one hour consulation call with Mike Morrison right away.

Simply choose a date and time that are convenient to you from Mike’s schedule below, and provide some information about your circumstances and goals so that you can both some to the session fully prepared and ready to hit the ground running.

(If you’re a member of Membership Academy, please contact us directly for a member-only discount on your session)

How it Works

1. Choose a time for your Power Hour from the schedule above.
2. A Zoom call will automatically be set up and the link will be emailed to you.
3. Mike will review the info you’ve sent about what you’d like to discuss as well as take a look at your website ahead of the call. If more information is needed, he’ll email you directly.
4. On the day we’ll connect on Zoom – the aim will be to dive right into things and ensure the session is as value-packed and useful as possible.
5. Within 2 days after the call, you’ll be emailed a link to a recording of the session along with a summary of key points and actions as well as any resources mentioned during the call.

What People are Saying

5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
“If you’re looking for the real deal these guys are it. They’ve helped me turn what was a 5 figure business into a 7 figure business… In under 12 months! If you’re trying to push your business to the next level then you simply can’t survive or grow without the sort of guidance and industry knowledge they bring to the table.”
Scott Devine
Scott’s Bass Lessons
5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
“The level of clarity, control, and confidence I now have in running my membership is because I found the Membership Geeks. They have saved me a lot of money and headaches”
Warren McPherson
Piano Lessons with Warren


Your “Power Hour” will be completely virtual. There is not an in-person option. 

No, sorry! These calls are for strategic advice, not tech support or bespoke web development. 

I recommend picking one key priority to focus on and getting absolutely clear about your objectives. Provide as much detail as you can before the session too. That way we can both come to the call prepared and focused, and can dive right into the good stuff without any time being wasted trying to explain things or figure out what to discuss. 

The “Power Hour” is an intensive, focused session where we cut through the irrelevant to zero in on only the things that will move the needle for your business. The time constraint is conducive to getting stuff done and avoiding filler and waffle. These calls are best used to tackle one specific problem or goal. If you want help on a larger/broader scale then I recommend our VIP Days

Membership Academy is a self-paced training community with limited access to us, whereas a Power Hour gives you my undivided attention on your biggest challenge. Whereas in the Academy the onus is on you to learn and implement – with a Power Hour, my brain is at your disposal and I’m there to bestow my knowledge and experience on your directly.

Absolutely. Having my direct input can give you a world of clarity and direction, and save you from having to muddle through trying to figure it all out for yourself. Do keep in mind, however, that the Power Hour is not for tech support etc and is all about giving you strategic advice

Yes! If you have a team helping you they are more than welcome to join for the call. I would strongly recommend preparing with your team to ensure everyone understands the purpose of the call, and what specifically you want to focus on during the call. I’d also suggest one person is nominated to do all/most of the speaking, and that person also takes responsibility for keeping things on track at your end.

Absolutely! We can spread out more intense work over numerous sessions. I would – however – recommend just starting with one call to ensure you’re able to get what you want from it rather than booking in multiple from the start. 

As ever, our Academy members get preferential rates on everything we do – so if you’re part of Membership Academy you can book a Power Hour for just $295. Please get in touch directly to be given an alternative booking link with this reduced price.

If you have any other queries relating to our Power Hours please do contact us at and we’ll do our very best to help you.